Grant County Prosecuting Attorney

Fort Mulligan

Fort Mulligan

Every four years, all fifty-five counties elect a prosecuting attorney. In Class I and II counties, the position is full-time with outside employment prohibited. Before the primary election, county commissions in Class III, IV, and V counties require that the position be full-time beginning with the next term but they must then pay the salary of a Class II county. The current salary range is $56,918 - $119,011. The prosecuting attorney is the chief legal officer of the county. They have areas of responsibility in both criminal and civil cases. In criminal cases, the prosecuting attorney assists in the investigation of all crimes and other law violations in the county. In civil cases, the prosecuting attorney acts as legal advisor to the County Commission and other county officials. They may also be called upon to assist the state Attorney General in state legal actions within the county. The prosecuting attorney’s office must be kept open during elections and be available to advise election officials or answer questions from the public. Other duties and responsibilities include:

Current Prosecutor

John G. Ours

Term of Office

4 Years

Contact Information

Grant County Prosecuting Attorney
5 Highland Avenue
Petersburg, WV 26847

304-257-2323 - Phone
304-257-2593 - Fax