Grant County Sheriff



The Sheriff of the county serves as its chief law enforcement officer, charged with the responsibility of policing the county and keeping the peace, including the power to make arrests. A sheriff may not serve more than two consecutive terms. It is required to be a full-time position in all counties except Class X. In counties that operate county jails, the Sheriff has responsibility for administration of the jail and custody of the inmates. In addition to duties related to law enforcement, the Sheriff also serves as the Treasurer of the county and collects all taxes levied by the county. To assist the Sheriff in the performance of his/her duties, law enforcement deputies, tax deputies and legal process deputies may be employed. Correctional officers may also be hired in those counties which have a county jail. The salary range is $48,661 - $56,793 with additional compensation for tax collections not to exceed $15,000. The Sheriff’s duties include:

Current County Sheriff

Brian Ours

Term of Office

4 Years

Contact Information

Grant County Sheriff
5 Highland Avenue
Petersburg, WV 26847

304-257-1818 - Phone
304-257-2665 - Fax