Homestead Exemption

If you are 65 years of age or older on or before June 30 following the July 1 assessment date, or you are permanently and totally disabled, you may file for the Homestead Exemption in the Assessor's Office. This would exempt you for the first $20,000 of the assessed value.

All New Applicants MUST File between JULY 1 and DECEMBER 1 of Each Year.

Applicant's eligibility will be approved upon meeting the following requirements:
  1. Applicant is the OWNER and OCCUPANT of the property. It must be used exclusively for residential purposes.
  2. Applicant must have occupied the property more than six months prior to the date of application.
  3. Applicant must have been a resident of WV the two consecutive years preceding the relative tax year.
  4. Applicant must sign an oath that they do not receive a similar exemption in another state or county.
  5. If Applicant has resided in another state and returns within a period of five years, applicant will be allowed exemption if such person resided in WV for two years out of the five immediately preceding the relative tax year.
  6. Only one Homestead Exemption shall be allowed for each residence used and occupied by the owners thereof, regardless of the number of eligible owners residing therein.
If you have any questions regarding Homestead Exemption, please call the office at (304) 257-1050.