Home Confinement Program

Deputies of the Grant County Sheriff’s Department are responsible for monitoring individuals who are placed on Home Confinement as an alternative sentencing from serving time at the regional jail. This program is designed to offer an alternative sentence to non-violent offenders. The defendants may be hooked up on two different types of monitoring devices, depending on the order from the court. They can be placed on a machine that monitors only curfew violations or another machine that not only monitors curfew violations, but also requires the defendant to submit to a breath test several times a day. Through this breath test, the machine monitors for any illegal alcohol consumption and immediately reports such to our office.

Defendants placed on home confinement are usually required to maintain employment and must abide by very strict curfew guidelines. Defendants are not permitted to consume any alcohol, be in establishments that serve alcohol, possess any firearms, and shall not be in the company of any individuals who possess alcohol and/or illegal controlled substances. The defendant must also abide by all state and federal laws and shall not associate with any person currently on probation.

Sheriff Deputies frequently conduct random home visits and residential searches of individuals who are ordered to home confinement. Most defendants are required to pay a daily fee of $12.00 for the traditional monitoring or a daily fee of $15.00 for the breath test monitoring unit.

NEW: We can now accept online payment for Home Confinement Fees. Click here to pay through Certified Payments and enter 6616900 for the bureau code.

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